This is the first year that the Freestyle Zurich event has had a MegaRamp at their event, but it was a Skate, FMX, Snowboard, and Free Ski only contest so the MegaRamp guys flew Vince Byron and myself to Zurich to put on a demo to see if we could get the crowds approval of BMX and in order to possibly have a BMX contest next year… Maybe even a full size MegaRamp event! Needless to say, I’m pretty sure we locked BMX in for next year!!!

They had a crossover event where the crowd got to pick their favorite event and athletes! The two lonely BMXers took the win over FMX, Free Ski, Skateboarding, and Snowboarding!! That was a huge deal!!! And we were just there to do a little demo!

There were between 15-20,000 people in the crowd going nuts!

It was rad! Congrats to Vince for winning the over all athlete award!

Really, the only crappy thing about the weekend was that some turd of a person stole my iPhone 4 while I was riding in the event… That meant that I lost every photo I’d taken to put in this Blog update… But it’s ok, I was able to buy a new one when I got home so I’m back on track now! Rockin’ a sweet white phone now!

A big thanks to FiveTen Shoes to hooking up the purple kicks! They are awesome! Also a huge thanks to Dave Metty for shooting ALL of the photos you see here! =) Thanks buddy!

Over all it was an awesome weekend! I can’t wait till next year!