The past few weeks I’ve been working on some wooden long guns to use at East Texas Krav Mega for self defense training. 8 down  2 to go!

This is before I sanded then down all nice and smooth like!

I even made a little dude for my nephew Roan to play with.

Teach them gun safety when they’re young and they will respect it when they’re older!


So all the Sunday Bikes Dudes came through Tyler last Saturday for a late night sesh. Needless to say, the warehouse was completely destroyed! So many new lines were unlocked!

We had a really full house!!!

They hung out all day Sunday too, and we had all kinds of fun shooting guns, chucking a javelin, and riding the zipline! Sorry I didn’t take any photos while they were here, I was too busy riding bikes & having fun, but they put up a photo gallery or their trip that you can check out right here…


I tried to get one of them to do this gap to rail but non of them were up to it! … Haha What wussies! =P

Check out this helmet cam from a crazy downhill race through a city in Chile! CoCo! How come you haven’t done this on you BMX bike yet?!!!! =P

So my Radio Edit is up and ready for you to check out! So check it out! Big thanks to Chris Rollins for filming and editing it for me. Always a good job! For more info on stuff like my new frame/fork/bar combo complete go to the Radio Bikes website! Thanks for watching!

Here are some more photos I took in New Orleans. We ended up walking around a cool cemetery on our way out of town.

AHHHHHHHHHH! I was so close to breaking into the 30’s!!!! My new PR in COD Zombies is Level 29!!

I was so close… got stuck in a corner by the runners… Forgot I had the giant Air Cannon thing! Boo

I’m in New Orleans to do some shows for Eddie from 50/50BMX out of Utah. Got some practice in today for the shows tomorrow…

Also walked around Bourbon Street a bit tonight and took some photos, people watched, and had some laughs with my dudes! Eddie, Miah, Spencer, and Bryant. Good times!

I entered a really cool art thing that I heard about through one of my old college art teachers called the Sketchbook Project. It’s a really cool idea where loads of artists fill up a small sketchbook with whatever they want and send it in to basically go on tour around the country and eventually end up on permanent display at the Brooklyn Library of Art. The website is, check it out and maybe even enter next year! Here are some some of the pages in my book.

Made it to level 25 on Zombie mode today! Determined to break into the 30’s on solo play!! 

Put some work in with the boys over the past few day to make some big changes at our warehouse spot! Check it out!

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